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XPO Logistics Regulatory Action and Litigation

XPO Logistics (XPO) is a publicly traded, global company that last year earned $15 billion in revenue
and whose subsidiaries XPO Cartage and XPO Port Services, Inc. d/b/a XPO Logistics are together
among the top trucking companies servicing the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. XPO Logistics
specializes in moving goods to and from the ports, while XPO Cartage primarily moves goods to nearby
intermodal rail yards. There are approximately 280 alleged misclassified drivers working for both
companies in their LA-area locations and about 160 additional drivers in XPO Cartage’s San Diego

XPO Logistics Regulatory Action and Litigation concerning misclassification of port & rail drivers as of May 29, 2019

XPO Driver Class Action Lawsuit Media Round-Up

A class action lawsuit was filed by XPO rail and port drivers on February 28, 2018 alleging multiple wage violations by XPO Logistics.

View Legal Complaint (PDF)

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